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Hyper-intelligent travel risk management solution
Travel Safe 360 | Travel Risk Management Solution

travel safe 360

Hyper-intelligent travel risk management solution, putting all the tools you need to keep your people safe in one solution.
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How Does Travel Safe 360 Help You?

We believe that Travel Safe 360 is the world's most comprehensive travel risk management software - this is why.
Auto-Locate - Safety and Privacy
Your people don't want to be tracked constantly, but you need to be able to know where they are. Travel Safe 360's Auto-Locate feature enables you to generate a check-in from their mobile device in the event of an emergency, letting you know where your people are while also safeguarding their privacy by removing the need for constant tracking.
Automated Individual Travel Risk Assessments
Traditional travel risk management solutions only offer travel risk assessments based on the country you're visiting. Travel Safe 360 is the first solution in the market to factor the traveler into the equation, offering fully-tailored travel risk assessments and targeted training recommendations to each individual traveller, all automated by powerful artificial intelligence.
Third-Party Crisis Response
Travel Safe 360 has been designed to fit seamlessly within your existing Travel Safety strategy. If your users indicate they need assistance within the app, Travel Safe 360 sends that information directly to your crisis response team, GSOC or any third party solution, enabling you to respond efficiently and effectively.
Real-Time Data Feed
All of the data that Travel Safe 360 handles is updated live, in real-time, so you never miss a thing. If an incident occurs that raises the risk rating for any of your travellers, you will immediately receive an alert with key details of what's happened, and the traveller's risk assessment is automatically updated, all live and in the moment.
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How Does Travel Safe 360 Help Your Travellers?

Travel Safe 360 has been designed to be as simple to use and effective as possible- here's how it works.
The End Of Constant Tracking

Constant tracking might be good for the administrator, but for the traveller, it's an inconvenience that could actually put you in danger. Travel Safe 360 leverages hyper-intelligent check-in technology to let your organisation know where you are without the need for constant tracking.

Everything In One Place

Travel Safe 360 is truly the one-stop-solution for you as a traveller. All of your travel information, your travel risk assessment, your training videos and your messaging system, all put in one place to make staying safe while you travel as simple as possible.

Checking In & Requesting Assistance

Travel Safe 360 makes checking in with your organisation as simple as clicking a button. At any time, you can send a check-in that lets your organisation know where you are and that you're safe. If you need assistance, that's just as easy - just push a button, and your organisation receives a notification that you don't feel safe, enabling them to respond efficiently and effectively.

Personalised Travel Experience

There's something unique about a solution that's been tailored just for you and your needs. Travel Safe 360 offers you individually-tailored travel risk assessments, a unique risk rating, and training recommendations that are relevant to you and your destination.

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What Makes Us Different?

We have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, but what is it that sets us apart from everyone else?

Other Providers
Duty of Care
Enables full duty of care, by providing Travel Safety risk assessments for every traveller in your organisation
Charges a fraction of the price of other providers, making Travel Safety provision affordable to deliver to every traveller in your organisation
Roll Out
Uses latest generation technology, so we can onboard and support large organisations very quickly
Puts engaging, bite-size training in the hands of every smart phone user - you can track engagement, update content and message every user instantly
Is a market leader in Travel Safety technology – other providers are unable to compete with our hyper-intelligent Travel Safety technology and solutions
Sells Travel Safety training and risk management software, ensuring focus and market-leading quality – anything more you need can be delivered by other ‘specialists’
Duty of Care
Prevent you from fulfilling full duty of care by only offering Travel Safety risk assessments to a limited group of travellers.
Impact profitability by charging high prices for their services, making Travel Safety provision costly to deliver
Roll Out
Rely on staff teams and old technology, making it slow to roll out provision to your organisation
Sell you costly training that only happens ‘face to face’, or provide online training that uses animations that looked old a decade ago
Sell previous-generation technology, and struggle to adapt to latest-generation tech now available in the market
Require you to buy the full spectrum of Travel Safety products and services, compromising quality in an attempt to cover all the bases
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