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Your people have never been safer.
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Hyper-intelligent travel risk management software, putting all the tools you need to keep your people safe in one solution.
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What makes travel safe 360 different?

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We believe that Travel Safe 360 is the world's most comprehensive Travel risk management solution - this is why.
Individual travel Risk Assessments
Traditional risk management solutions only offer travel risk assessments based on the country you're visiting. Travel Safe 360 is the first solution in the market to factor the traveler into the equation, offering fully-tailored travel risk assessments and targeted training recommendations to each individual traveller.
Know where your people are, and if they are safe, with a single click. Travel Safe 360 enables you to retrieve a check-in from your users to auto-locate them in the event of an emergency with the push of a button.
advanced user interface
Travel Safe 360 gives you all the information you need on one screen, enabling you to respond to incidents more efficiently and more effectively than ever before.
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Travel Safe 360 Admin Console

Travel Safe 360 is great, but the real magic lies in the Admin Console...

We believe that, with Travel Safe 360, your people have never been safer, and the admin console is a core part of why we believe it. You get all the information you need presented in one clear, concise view, meaning that keeping track of your people while they travel has never been easier.

You can even integrate your travel booking platform into Travel Safe 360's admin console, making Travel Safe 360 the most comprehensive travel risk management solution, ever.

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Want to see how it all works? Watch our demo video today
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Now you know what Travel Safe 360 can do, all that's left is to find out what it costs. Thankfully, we've got that information ready, just for you...
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