Corporate Travel Safety eLearning that ensures anyone, anywhere, can get access to effective, powerful Travel Safety training.

Today’s learners don’t want to be tied to a desk; they want to be able to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device

The days of having to bring all your people back to a single site are also long-gone; it is neither useful for the learners, nor cost-effective

That is why eTS Academy was built to be mobile first; it can be used on iOS or Android devices, and can be deployed to 1000’s of users at the click of a button

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

Our corporate Travel Safety eLearning modules are the first of their kind

Rather than the usual experience of simply clicking on pictures or hitting ‘next’, learners will experience rich multimedia learning

We don’t use complicated safety or security language: we use terms that are simple to understand, and packaged in short, powerful modules

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

Broken into 18 focused learning experiences, eTS Academy gives you a complete library of corporate Travel Safety eLearning videos that are backed up by a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS)

This will ensure that you can control who can access the training, and that every learning interaction can meet even the strictest compliance requirements

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

We are on a mission to ensure anyone, anywhere, can travel safely by building exceptional, mobile ready software to help you and your employees travel safely.

Whether you are looking for eLearning solutions, self-service travel risk assessments or mobile apps for Travel Safety, we have a solution for you.

Enabling anyone, anywhere to travel safely.

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