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AI And Travel Safety

by James Barton / October 19, 2017

You hear a lot of talk about whether the future of Travel Safety is mobile. Now I believe that statement to be incorrect. And the reason is that mobile is here now. It’s not something for the future, it’s something that we should be looking at immediately. 90% of the travellers that we talk to...

You’ve probably seen the term Artificial Intelligence everywhere. Everybody seems to be developing Artificial Intelligence products, but today I want to talk about something that’s even more exciting, which is Artificial Emotional Intelligence.

In previous sessions, I've talked about Chatbots, and you should know just how excited I am about them. But I wanted to talk about Natural Language Processing - the driving force behind the evolution of Chatbots.

Today I want to talk about Augmented Reality, and it truly is one of my favourite subjects, mainly because I believe it is going to be massive in our space. Let me just talk about what Augmented Reality is first of all, because many people don’t really understand the term.