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Why Providing Travel Safety Training Is Essential

by Stuart Anderson / October 26, 2017

We've talked many times about Travel Safety training here at eTravelSafety. In this particular Thought Leadership article, I want to look at some of the reasons why organisations might not provide Travel Safety training, and why I believe that is not the correct approach.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in this industry for many years, working around the globe with a whole host of organisations that will provide a variety of different training solutions, from a simple email brief, to a whole week of Travel Safety training or hostile environments training, depending on where they’re going. I want to talk about three main reasons why people tell me that they don’t need or don’t provide Travel Safety training.


Low-Risk vs High-Risk Countries

The first is that travellers are going to low-risk countries, and they don’t need it because that’s only for high-risk countries. That’s not correct, and that doesn’t provide traveller with enough of the tools that they need to stay safe when travelling overseas. If you take the UK alone, in the last 12 months, we’ve seen several terror attacks in what would be classed as a low-risk country.

I don’t believe this is an adequate reason for why people shouldn’t have Travel Safety training. Regardless of the risk-level attached to the countries your people are visiting, I believe that you should provide a safe working environment for them, and that requires Travel Safety training.


Experienced Travellers

The second reason is that the travellers are experienced, and they’ve been travelling for many years, and they know what to do. This is complacency, and it’s not an acceptable reason not to provide Travel Safety training. Scams develop all the time, and criminals are always devising new tactics and strategies to take your credit cards, your wallet, your passport, or even to take you. You need to understand how to keep up to speed and up to date with all the different scams, and how to stay safe during this time, or the time that you travel.


Organisation Size

Finally, some organisation's don't provide Travel Safety training because they are simply too large - or even too small. People say, “I’ve only got 10 employees” or “I’ve got 50,000.” “I can’t afford to do it” or “I can’t find a solution that’s scalable enough”. This is a reason that would be out of date now. Technology has bought Travel Safety training into your hands, and you can be trained straight from your mobile device, giving you a scalable Travel Safety training solution that enables your people to stay safe, anywhere in the world.

As I said, I’ve worked with some great companies around the world, and I’ve also seen many companies that bury their heads in the sand, and my view is that anyone who travels should have Travel Safety training. An employer needs to provide a safe working environment for their individuals when they travel, and to do this they need to provide Travel Safety training.

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Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson

Stuart has over 25 years experience in the world of security and Travel Safety, securing his place as one of the foremost experts in the industry.