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Natural Language Processing and Travel Safety

by James Barton / September 7, 2017

In previous sessions, I've talked about Chatbots, and you should know just how excited I am about them. But I wanted to talk about Natural Language Processing - the driving force behind the evolution of Chatbots.

Now, one of the challenges with Chatbots is that they're computers - how do they understand what you are trying to say so that they can respond appropriately?

Natural Language Processing takes this to another level, because rather than just understanding what is being said, it can understand the context within it. In essence, it allows us to ask simple questions (for us as humans), and allows the computers to be able to provide better, more responsive answers.


Making Chatbots Understand Context

We are able to understand context. For example, you could say, "Am I safe to travel to France?" That's quite a normal question for a Chatbot. A Chatbot could respond yes or no. But what do you ask next?

Would you say, "And am I safe to travel to Spain?" Will the computer be able to understand you, or not? With Natural Language Processing, we can talk to the computer - to the Chatbot - in as close to normal language as we possibly can.

The computer will then respond, and be able to provide us with the best data possible. For us at eTravelSafety, when we're developing anything, we think about how is it best to engage our people?

We want to ensure that when you're using our new Chatbot technologies, you'll be able to talk to it as if you were talking to a human, and it will be able to respond back to you in a powerful and clear way.

When it comes to Travel Safety, what you need is the ability to understand the data that's coming back to you, as well as ask the important information clearly.

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James Barton

James Barton

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