eTS Insights: Making Sure You Make Your Flight


Making Sure You Make Your Flight

by Ben Barton / April 28, 2017

For many of us, airports are like Marmite. Whether you love them or hate them, the way you travel through an airport can have a significant impact on your journey. Here are some quick and easy Travel Tips to make your next trip to the airport as safe and stress-free as possible.


Check In Online

You can take the first step before you’ve even set foot in the airport by checking in to your flight online. Almost every airline gives you the opportunity to check in online 24 hours before your flight is set to leave.

This could save you an enormous amount of time once you arrive at the airport. Many airports have a bag drop desk that allows travellers who have already checked in online to check their bags in, separate from those travellers who have not checked in online. 

We all know how long the queues for check in desks can be. This simple step can save you from losing time – and patience – queuing to check in.


Have Paper and Electronic Boarding Passes

Having an electronic copy of your boarding pass is common practice now, and it can be easier to use in the airport than a paper version. However, having a paper copy as a back up is just as important.

What would happen if your phone ran out of battery? Or if the scanners at the airport weren’t working? Relying solely on an electronic boarding pass will leave you at risk of not being able to board your flight should something go wrong.

Use an electronic boarding pass where possible, but always have a paper copy to hand to make sure that, if something does happen, you can still board your flight.


Know the Layout of the Airport

Some of you might argue that having a mental or physical map of the airport is a little bit of overkill. It’s certainly true that most airports are well-signed, and finding your way around is fairly self-explanatory.

However, the standards for airports will differ wherever you go. Doing some research to know where gates, toilets and restaurants are will stop you from wandering around, and help you travel more quickly through the airport if you are in a rush. Speaking of rushing…


Get There Early

We’ve all probably heard of the golden 2 hour rule. You are advised by airlines and airport staff to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. This advice exists for a reason, but it is also worth noting that this is the minimum advice given.

It would be worth considering arriving 2-4 hours early for your flight. Again, this may seem excessive, but airports can become extremely busy without little or no notice, and you can never truly predict other variables such as traffic or transport delays.

The more time you can give yourself to get to the airport, the better.

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