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Introducing Chatbot Charlie: The World's First Travel Safety Chatbot

by eTravelSafety / October 23, 2018

Here at eTravelSafety, we are always developing and creating exciting things - it's a core part of our vision to provide Travel Safety to everyone.

We are delighted to be able to announce the launch of Chatbot Charlie, the world's first Travel Safety Chatbot. We believe he is going to change the way we learn to stay safe, forever.

By leveraging cutting-edge AI and over 20 years of Travel Safety expertise, Chatbot Charlie is able to provide true on-demand learning to enable anyone to travel safely, anywhere in the world.

He's always learning, too - the more questions you ask him about Travel Safety, the more natural and detailed his responses become. That's why we believe that, whilst Chatbot Charlie is powered by AI, he's also powered by you.

You can be among the first to see Chatbot Charlie for yourself - all you need to do is visit Simple, right?

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