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What Do The Huawei Allegations Mean For Tech & Travel Safety?

by Sammy Herrera / May 16, 2019

The recent arrest of the Chief Financial Officer of the Chinese Tele-Coms company, Huawei, has brought the much-needed debate of data privacy into a refreshed discussion. Ms. Meng Wanzhou, the company’s CFO and daughter of its founder, was arrested whilst travelling through Canada by authorities last January at the request of the US for allegedly evading sanctions on Iran, but this is one development within a much larger series of events.

Trade relations between the US and China are currently turbulent with President Trump and General Secretary Xi Jinping both vocal in their distrust of each other. These events unfolded weeks before new trade talks between the two superpowers had been scheduled to begin. The timing may solely be a coincidence, but this move by the US is a symptom of conflict over technological dominance, a phenomenon that has since been coined as the ‘Tech-Cold War’. However, controversy hasn’t been contained to solely the two superpowers, as the recent sacking of the former UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, over leaks from a security meeting about Huawei has highlighted how far the complexities have reached.

As a Travel Safety company that has its roots in technology, it is in the interest of eTravelSafety to have a strong comprehension of the wider industry and how this incident is highlighting the importance of software integrity, data protection and how ‘backdoors’ into software can pose serious security risks. Understanding these facets of the debate explain why the US and China have placed such significance on this case and why we’ve been keeping up with every development. This instance has called to question the integrity of the Tech-Industry, our obligation to be neutral, and hopefully offers an opportunity to reflect on our responsibilities.

Our values as eTravelSafety aren’t placed in politics, rather we believe in robust technology that you can rely on, and our priority to not just keep your people safe, but also your data. We are fully GDPR compliant, following the rigorous regulations implemented by the EU in 2018 to ensure a standard quality across the continent. This involves an intelligent password scheme and requires all staff to use dual-factor authentication. The dangers of online fraud and attacks on software have never been more present, making this an issue that we don’t take lightly.

Although ‘Backdoors’ provide useful remote access mechanisms for technicians, they could pose real dangers to the use of technology and a company’s safety. For instance, a client using Travel Safety software will be likely storing sensitive information, regarding personal details and locations of their users. This presents a serious risk for any company that stores client information, but we ensure that every possible prevention is taken and that a clear strategy for our staff is implemented.

Our data is secured by geographical location, so your information cannot possibly leave any area you require. Additionally, we maintain our own infrastructure and whilst its run on the Amazon Web Server, we ensure a compliance check on privacy at all times. Having robust technology in this age is crucial, this is why we enforce such rigid privacy and data protection policies to guarantee your safety and be worthy of the name eTravelSafety.

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Sammy Herrera

Sammy Herrera

With a degree in international relations, and a passion for risk analysis, Sammy is dedicated to bringing detailed insight to everything he does.