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Chatbots And Travel Safety

by James Barton / June 29, 2017

Chatbots and Travel Safety. Probably not two words that you would normally associate together. I wanted to talk to you about Chatbots because I believe there is a big future for Chatbots inside Travel Safety. In fact, Chatbots in general are going to just explode, and are going to become part of our lives in more ways than we think at the moment.

The Rise of Chatbots

Back in the early days of websites, very few people had them – only large companies had them. But it very, very quickly grew into something that was a must for everybody. In fact, now people don’t really go anywhere else – they go onto your website to find information.

They don’t do the old research they used to do, and Chatbots are going to be the same. The results that we’re tracking at the moment look like they’re on exact parallel terms in terms of the growth and websites and the growth of Chatbots. So what is going to happen is our audience, our travellers, our customers are going to expect a Chatbot experience when they’re thinking about interacting with us, asking questions like “Is it safe to travel to a certain country?” or “ Am I safe to travel to a country?” Rather than doing that through complicated questionnaires or websites, it’s going to be done via Chatbots.

World's First Travel Safety Chatbot

I am extremely excited about the future of Chatbots, and here at eTravelSafety, we are excited to announce that we have developed the world's first Travel Safety Chatbot.  The idea behind it is to allow anybody to ask the question, “Am I safe to travel?” in a way that is easy, friendly, and accessible to anyone. 

It is going to be launching very soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for it on social media, and on our website.

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James Barton

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