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Are Taxis Or Cabs Safe?

by Ben Barton / October 11, 2018

The standards of taxis and cabs varies significantly across the world. If you’re planning to use a taxi on your journey, do what you can to find a reputable taxi firm with good standards. It is worth checking with your organisation to see if they have a designated provider in the country you’re visiting.


Different Countries, Different Regulations

Different locations around the world will have different regulations and permissions with regards to taxi services. In some places, taxis need to be licensed or regulated, but that a licensed taxi is not guaranteed to be safe. However, if you’re travelling somewhere that licenses taxis, avoid using an unlicensed taxi, as it’s probably unlicensed for a reason.


Pre-Book Your Taxi

Where you can, pre-book your taxi, and book it from a reputable source. You can research reputable taxi firms before you travel, or you can ask someone like a hotel concierge for the best taxi firms and their contact details.

When using a taxi, try and follow these simple steps for a safer journey:

  • If it’s possible, agree the fare before you get in the taxi, especially if there’s no meter
  • Have a general idea of the distance to your destination, the direction you need to travel to get there, and what to do if you think you’re being taken away from where you should be going
  • Always use a seatbelt – they’re designed for safety, and are a legal requirement in most countries
  • Sit in the back of the taxi, and in a seat where you can see the driver
  • Don’t allow the driver to pick anyone else up on route
  • Don’t use a taxi that already has another passenger in it
  • Avoid discussing controversial subject with the driver, such as religion or politics

There you have it. Some very simple steps you can take to ensure that, if you need to use a taxi or cab on your journey, you can do so whilst staying safe.

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