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4 Essential Things To Do Before You Travel To Travel Safely

by Ben Barton / February 14, 2017

The flights are booked. The excitement is building. The passports have been found — then lost, then found again.

Whether you’re jetting off on a family holiday, or embarking on the gap year to put all other gap years to shame, planning and preparation can either be boring, or confusing — or both. Here are 4 simple yet effective tips for making sure you’re properly prepared for your next adventure.


Research Your Destination

Knowing where you’re going is always a good start for any trip or holiday — knowing about where you’re going is even better. Try and find out the simple things, like:

· Are there any conflicts or events happening that could impact my safety?

· What is the local language?

· Do I need a travel visa to enter the country?

· Do I need a vaccination certificate?

These may seem like common sense, but unfortunately these are frequently overlooked, and can help you travel safely.


Find A Way To Use Your Phone

If you’re going abroad, having a phone that you can call or message from is a massive benefit. Most network carriers offer a variety of overseas data packages, but often the best option is to try and purchase a local SIM card on arrival with a pay-as-you-go deal.

Having a local SIM card is nearly always going to be more reliable than an overseas data package. Once you have your new SIM card, don’t forget to inform people of your temporary number so whoever might need to get in touch with you can still do so.

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Pack Smart

Packing can often be the most stressful part of preparing for your trip. The song and dance we all do with weight limits and suitcase stretching becomes tiresome very quickly, and too often things get left behind that we need when we arrive.

When you’re packing, there are a few things we would always recommend you take:

· A door lock that you can access from the inside of your room

· Plugs and adapters suitable for your destination

· Pre-paid currency card (like FairFx) to avoid using ATMs

By packing smart, you can save plenty of suitcase space, and go some way to ensuring that you have the things you need to travel safely.


Work On A Need To Know Basis

Holidays are exciting, and sometimes, you just need a good humble brag about where you’re going, and how great it’s going to be. However, it’s probably a good idea to resist telling everyone where you’re going.

There are probably some people on your friends list who don’t need to know that your house is going to be empty for two weeks, so only give details to the people who need to know — family members that might need to get in contact with you, your bank if you’re going overseas, and that one co-worker who WILL NOT stop talking about when they went to Thailand for 2 months.*

So there you have it! 4 very simple, yet very effective tools and tips that, when you put them in place, will help you to travel safely, wherever your travels take you.

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*Don't tell that co-worker anything. They'll just use it against you.

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