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3 Ways To Stay Safe Using AirBnB

by Ben Barton / March 2, 2017

Since being launched in 2008, Airbnb has quickly become a household name for travelers looking for places to stay that are cheaper than hotels, and also provide a unique insight into the daily life of wherever they are traveling to.

The convenience of Airbnb is clear to see, and it’s popularity — particularly among younger travelers — has seen it become a globally recognized brand. However, as convenient as it is, there are concerns about how safe it is to use, especially if you’re traveling alone.

So, to help you enjoy your next trip as much as possible, here are 3 simple ways to stay safe using Airbnb.


Book A Private Room

One of the things that might draw you to Airbnb is the opportunity to meet new people where you are staying, and we know that making new friends can be the cornerstone of an enjoyable, memorable adventure. However, we would also encourage you to avoid situations that would put you at risk, and sharing a room with people you don’t know is always going to be risky, no matter how nice your new roommates may seem.

If it’s possible, we would always advise you to book a private room, ideally with a private en-suite bathroom, or (if you can afford to) book the entire apartment or house. This will greatly reduce the chances of your belongings being stolen, and also provides you with a private space to store any items you can’t take with you during the day.


Pack A Door Lock or Door Wedge

The vast majority of Airbnb locations will be in homes or apartments, and as a result will not have to work with the same sorts of regulations and safety policies that a hotel would. This means that the door to your room will probably be less secure than the door to your hotel room.




This is why we would recommend packing a door lock that you can access from inside your room, or a door wedge to help stop someone forcing the door open. Although these will not be fool-proof, they will go a long way to improving your personal Travel Safety, and help you stay safe using Airbnb.


Only Book With Well-Reviewed Hosts

Airbnb takes a fairly basic approach to guaranteeing a host is safe to book with. They do conduct background checks on their hosts, but the checks are limited, and (as Airbnb state on their website) they should not be used as a guarantee that your potential host is suitable or safe.

It is essential that you do your own research, and that you only use hosts who have been reviewed often, and reviewed positively. This will probably reduce the number of hosts you can choose from, but it will also greatly increase your safety, which is always the most important thing.

These three steps are very simple, but they will go some way to helping you stay safe using Airbnb.

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