Releasing in 2018, eTS Security Review Travel Safety software, is a fusion of industry-proven security methodology and real-time security risk rating assessment technology that enables anyone, anywhere, to complete professional security reviews

eTS Security Review is a revolutionary self-service Travel Safety application that removes the need for external consultants to review your sites

Based on industry-leading knowledge and best practice, our Travel Safety Software allows anyone to complete a site security review through a simple – but not simplistic – process that creates the same in-depth reports you would expect from a consultant

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

One of the challenges of traditional site security reviews is that they go out of date as soon as an incident occurs

With eTS Security Review, our real-time data engine is automatically aware of any incidents that may impact the site. It responds by updating the risk rating for the site, and then providing you with the relevant counter measures for you to consider

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

Like all the products in the eTS 3D Suite, eTS Security Review is also incorporated into the Management Console

This enables you to see and manage all of your sites in one place, making your job simpler and easier. This allows you to see the core information that you need to ensure your people and your sites are safe

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

We are on a mission to ensure anyone, anywhere, can travel safely by building exceptional, mobile ready Ravel Safety software to help you and your employees travel safely.

Whether you are looking for eLearning solutions, self-service travel risk assessments or Travel Safety Software, we have a solution for you.

Enabling anyone, anywhere to Travel Safely.

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