Corporate Travel Safety Management Software | Launching in the summer of 2017, eTS Travel Safe is a complete corporate Travel Safety management solution that combines real-time intelligence on global locations with the traveler’s own unique personal circumstances

Most current systems only tell you if it is safe to travel to a specific destination. eTS Travel Safe is different, as it treats everyone as an individual and provides an individual risk rating and assessment ensuring that the traveler can answer the question, “Am I safe to travel?”

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

To create our individual risk assessments, we have built a unique AI engine that pulls real-time risk rating data together with individual risk information

This powerful solution means you get a detailed report, tailored to each individual, that can change in real-time, ensuring you are alerted should anyone traveling exceed your pre-determined Acceptable Level of Risk, whilst also ensuring the traveler only receives alerts that are relevant to them

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

Tracking individuals for the purpose of Travel Safety is becoming more commonplace, but has significant practical limitations, and many organizations are now moving away from it

eTS Travel Safe is the first corporate Travel Safety product of its kind that incorporates the next generation of ‘check-in’ that allows you to know where your people are, and whether they are safe, with a single click

eTravelSafety | Travel Safety software and eLearning

We are on a mission to ensure anyone, anywhere, can travel safely by building exceptional, mobile ready software to help you and your employees travel safely.

Whether you are looking for eLearning solutions, self-service travel risk assessments or mobile apps for Travel Safety, we have a solution for you.

Enabling anyone, anywhere to Travel Safely.

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