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Wherever you are, wherever you are travelling to, there will be factors that affect your personal Travel Safety. With political unrest and terrorist incidents on the rise, and criminal activity an ever-present threat, Travel Safety has never been more important.

As a business, organization or charity, you have a legal and moral duty of care to keep every one of your employees and volunteers safe.

Here at eTravelSafety, we create powerful, mobile Travel Safety software and eLearning to enable anyone, anywhere, to travel safely, no matter where they are going.

Our software is mobile ready, and has been built specifically to ensure that your people can stay safe, help to reduce your liability and ensure that should an incident occur, your employees and volunteers are protected.

Senior Management

Stuart Anderson, CEO, eTravelSafety

Stuart Anderson

As the founder and CEO of eTravelSafety, Stuart’s role is as vital as it is simple; he leverages over two decades of security experience to provide innovative, mobile ready Travel Safety solutions underpinned by his credibility and industry knowledge.

Working closely with technology and eLearning experts, Stuart has formed eTravelSafety to bring next generation thinking to the Travel Safety industry, translating knowledge from the security industry into language that everyone can understand, and onto apps that anyone can access.

His passion for enabling anyone, anywhere, to travel safely drives him to constantly review and assess the health of the industry and the business, and to pursue new innovations and ideas to ensure that, with him at the helm, eTravelSafety is always at the cutting edge of mobile Travel Safety solutions.

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James Barton, CTO, eTravelSafety

James Barton

Heading up the technology and eLearning streams at eTravelSafety, James brings over 20 years of commercial, sales, technology and learning development experience and is focused on developing the next generation of Travel Safety eLearning and technology apps.

His passion for creating learner-centric digital technologies is at the heart of everything he does, which can be seen in the quality and innovation of his work.

Bringing his experience of developing learning strategies for some of the biggest companies in the world, James ensures that when working with eTravelSafety, you can be assured of the very best technologies connected with leading edge learning development and methodologies.

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An Interview With Stuart Anderson

Watch eTravelSafety’s CEO Stuart Anderson explain his love for food (including the mighty Beefy Boys), the history of Travel Safety and its evolution from face to face training to powerful technology based solutions.