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About Us

we're on a mission to provide travel safety for everyone

We are eTravelSafety, and we provide Travel Safety for everyone.

We believe that when technology and Travel Safety work together, good things happen – so it’s a good thing we’ve got over 50 years of experience in technology and Travel Safety under our belts.

We’ve been putting that experience to good use, developing Travel Safety solutions that enable anyone, anywhere to travel safely. From Travel Safety training to travel risk management, and everything in between, we have established ourselves as a highly-credible, forward-thinking force helping to push Travel Safety into the 21st Century.

Looking for on-demand, cost-effective training solutions for your people? We’ve got you covered.

Struggling to ensure you’re matching up to your organisation’s measures of compliance? We’ve got that covered, too.

Need to know where your people are instantly, and if they’re safe? You guessed it – we’ve got you covered.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you keep your people safe. Join us for the journey.

Want to see our range of Travel Safety software solutions? We've got a button for that.
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