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Providing Travel Safety for everyone

TRAVEL SAFETY for everyone

We believe in the power of technology, and in the importance of keeping people safe. We've built a range of mobile apps that can help you keep your people safe, anywhere in the world.

ets product suite

We've developed the most comprehensive range of Travel Safety solutions ever. Now's your chance to learn all about them.

eTS Academy

Mobile-based Travel Safety eLearning videos enabling you to train your people, anywhere, on any device.

eTS Travel Safe

Travel Safety software to help you manage risk effectively with individual travel risk assessments and live risk ratings.

Chatbot Charlie

The world's first Travel Safety Chatbot, designed to change the way we learn to stay safe, forever.

eTS Media Vault

6 bundles of training videos ready built for use in your organisation enabling you to leverage premium content at an unbeatable price point.

Discover our suite of Travel Safety solutions today
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what sets us apart?

In order for our solutions to be truly effective, they need to do things that the rest of industry isn't doing. 

Travel Safety is no longer just restricted to a limited set of individuals. Our solutions are mobile-ready, meaning you can leverage all of our solutions from a single device, all for a fraction of the industry-standard cost.


We are committed to leveraging the most effective, most relevant technology available to use in our solutions, ensuring that as the world changes, our solutions change with it, and your people are kept safe.


Our enrollment and pricing model is fully-flexible, scaling up and down instantly, on demand. Adding and removing users is now a stress-free, time-saving experience, no matter how many users you have.


You shouldn't need to be a specialist to learn how to stay safe. All of our training is delivered in a language that is clear, and easy to understand, meaning that anyone, anywhere can travel safely.

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Discover our range of Travel Safety solutions today
Our Products