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TRAVEL SAFETY for everyone

We believe in the power of technology, and in the importance of keeping people safe. We've built a range of mobile apps that can help you keep your people safe, anywhere in the world.
Discover our flagship solution, Travel Safe 360, today
Travel Safe 360

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We've developed the most comprehensive range of Travel Safety solutions ever. Now's your chance to learn all about them.

Travel Safe 360

Hyper-intelligent travel risk management software, putting all the tools you need to keep your people safe in one solution.

eTS Academy

Best-in-class, mobile-based Travel Safety learning videos enabling you to train your people on the go, on demand, on any device.

Chatbot Charlie

The world's first Travel Safety Chatbot, leveraging intuitive AI and enhanced data to offer true on-demand Travel Safety training.

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eTravelSafety Thought Leadership
Data, Data, Everywhere But Not A Byte To Use

Similar to Samuel Tayor Coleridge’s timeless poem about the sea, the world of Travel Safety is surrounded by data...

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eTravelSafety Thought Leadership
Technology & Tools For Mitigating Emerging Security Threats

On March 14th, our CTO James Barton was invited to be part of a Webinar hosted by RANE, discussing how technology...

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eTravelSafety Thought Leadership
The Power Of Screenless Computing In Travel Safety

Whether it is Amazon’s Echo devices, Google’s Home or Apple’s HomePod, the invasion of screenless computing into...

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